Covid 19 - Season.....update!

Not really sure how to describe this year? We are certainly living through some strange times. Never did I imagine that we'd all be walking around wearing masks, socially distancing and sanitising everything to within an inch of it's life. But this seems to be the new norm! The season was very slow to start for Europe holidaymakers with the first flights not arriving until mid July. Prior to this there was an influx of Turkish visitors deciding to taking "staycations". Interestingly, the word seems to have spread quickly amongst the Turks of what a fantastic place Kalkan is. By the end of May and onwards there has been a steady stream of visitors from all parts of Turkey (easy to see from the various unusual number plates in town....not to mention the parking!) Thankfully, the local restaurants and shops have at least managed to salvage something, from what initially, looked to be a very bad season. New restrictions came into play in September that made it mandatory to wear masks everywhere (prior this it had only been inside buildings and shops). Most people respected the new law but unfortunately there were a few who chose not too. Kalkan still has retained it's charm and the friendly local people are still just as welcoming. Hopefully, the next season 2021 will be different and travel made possible once again and life returns to the new normal. Who knows, I guess time will tell! I do think in the future we will see more Turkish visitors alongside the European visitors enjoying this beautiful part of Turkey.

Summer of 2016
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