A Kaleidoscope of Kalkan Colours!

What's the weather like in Kalkan out of the main holiday season? It's quite amazing actually!

Working from home in this day and age means that, with wifi and computer access, you can work pretty much from anywhere. We decided to take full advantage of our home in Kalkan and move in for the 6 months out of season (November - May). As there is just the two of us, we closed up Villa Jade for the winter and move into Jade Amour Apartment, that sits below the Villa, (loosely called an Apartment as she is more like a mini villa, complete with it's own private entrance, pool and terrace). Affectionately known as the Love Shack.........

this will be our l home for the next few months!

Villa Jade and Jade Amour are both blessed with same stunning panoramic views over Kalkan Bay. This view is mesmerising, and constantly changing. Throughout the summer months the cobalt blue skies prevail, but out of season it is a constant changing vista. I am sitting down to write this blog on a very changeable day, following a wild stormy night. The day started with clouds clearing to a cerulean blue sky. This has now changed as a storm cell moves through.We watch as the clouds race across the skies and are spellbound as the rain sweeps across Kalkan Bay. How blessed we truly are!

Over the last few weeks, since our arrival, we have had all sorts of weather. November was mainly fine and sunny, with a slight chill in the air in the evening. Time for us to pull out the jumpers! Early December took on a similar vein.

However, as we headed towards the Christmas period we started to see more rain appear with bitter winds coming off the land...and even snow on the Taurus mountains that nestle behind Kalakn. 2016, seems to one of the coldest, (it unusual for snowy weather to be seen in this area - or so we are told). Brrr! We had certainly not expected to see any of the white stuff in this part of Turkey! A robin is a constant visitor to our terrace, completing the Christmassy picture.

Here's just a few of our favourites, I am only an amateur photographer but with this amazing view it really is hard to take a bad photo.

Our favourite time of day, however, has got to be sunset. We have been privileged to see some of the most spectacular and dramatic sunsets from our elevated position. Apparently Autumn and Winter are the best time of the year as you get the low sun hues, or so I had read. Certainly a great excuse for a sundowner when you have this sort of view! Cheers All! We are looking forward to see what the next few months bring!


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